Winter 2013

Search Engine (C++) (updating soon…)

Fall 2012

CSE506 Operating Systems

· Lab1: x86 assembly, boot loader (C + Assembly)

· Lab2: Virtual memory (C)

· Lab3: Processes/environments (C)

· Lab4: Multiprogramming and fork (C)

· Lab5: File Systems (C)

· Lab6: Network driver (C)

. Lab7: Security access (C)

Summer 2012

GE | OMD Incubator

· The Active Generation (Ruby on Rails + MySQL)

Spring 2012

CSE532 Theory of Database Systems

· Proj1: Social Network (JSP+Servlet+SQL)

· Proj2: Group Purchase Design (XSB Prolog)

· Proj3: Social Netwok (XML+XQuery)

CSE534 Fundamentals of Computer Networks

· Proj1: Ethernet LAN Simulation by ns-2 (TCL+Java)

· Proj2: Internet Routing Optimization

CSE564 Visualization

Fall 2011

CSE590 Computational Photography

.  hw1: Image Alignment (Matlab)

.  hw2: Gradient-Domain Fusion (Matlab)

.  hw3: Image Morphing (Matlab)

.  hw4: Automatic Colorization (Matlab)

. Final Project: Animating Pictures with Stochastic Motion Textures (Matlab)

CSE595 Computational Conformal Geometry/Visualization

.  hw1: Halfedge Data Structure Library (C/C++)

.  hw2: Delauney Triangulation (2D) (C++, OpenGL)

.  hw3: Harmonic Mapping (C++)

.  hw4: Cut Graph (C++)

.  Final Project: Ricci Flow (C++, OpenGL)

CSE528 Computer Graphics

.  Project: 3D Painting (C++,OpenGL)

Spring 2011

Graduate Project: Robust Face Recognition via Sparse Representation (Matlab)

Spring 2008

· Jigsaw Puzzle Game (Visual Basic)